JOHAR is an ambitious project, under which work is being done to increase the quality of income of rural households by connecting them into producer groups and companies through activities like advanced farming, animal husbandry, fisheries, irrigation, minor forest produce etc. Through this project, the target is to double the income of 2 lakh families of the state by connecting them to various sources of livelihood.

The project will also demonstrate resilient technologies for improving productivity and reducing climate risk in paddy, promote community-based micro-irrigation and support the producer groups to move into value added sectors like livestock, fisheries, and non-timber forest produce.


Major Components

Farmers are being encouraged and trained for improved cultivation of vegetables, fruits and pulses.

To improve irrigation system lift irrigation, mobile solar irrigation is being promoted.

Animal Husbandry: Women of producer groups are being linked to traditional means of livelihood like poultry, goat rearing, pig farming, egg production and modern techniques and training are being given to them.

Fishery: Technical training is provided to rural families, they are being encouraged by providing seeds, feed and nets.

Minor Forest Produce: Under this component, collection, and processing of forest produce products like lac, lemon grass, moringa, Tulsi etc.

Market: Producer companies have been formed through which the farmers belonging to the producer group are being encouraged to do collective sales and are being directly linked to the big markets. The mass sale by the producer company has left the middlemen, while the farmers are getting a fair price for their produce.

Skill Certification- Under an innovative initiative,a skill certificate is being given by Agriculture Skill Council of India to Pashu Sakhi/Krishak Mitra/Vanopaj Mitra and other cadres after training.